Meditation Theme for January:  The Christ within me is leading me into new, wise and happy experiences.  Each day I am more aware of this guiding, sustaining Presence.

Meditation Theme for February:  Releasing the limitations of the past, I move forward, realizing I am God's perfect child.  I am wise, loving, positive, peaceful, and strong, and I express my true self now.

Meditation Theme for March:  I take time to let go of thoughts and feelings of old, limiting conditions; as a result, my soul is eager to accept the thought seeds of new, Happy and prosperous experiences.

Meditation Theme for April:  With quiet and peaceful thoughts, I enter more fully into Life and living, knowing the Spirit of God within me is perfecting my every experience.

Meditation Theme for May:  Divine Peace and quietness are in my consciousness as I choose to think, "God's Love enfolds me, and God's Wisdom guides me in all my ways.

Meditation Theme for June:  God loves me and understands me.  God fills full all my needs in order and in harmony.

Meditation Theme for July:  Father-Mother-God, as I rest in the thought of Your Love and Your Wisdom I am freed from old concepts which have limited and bound me.  In this freedom I find new and expanding thoughts, evidence of new, expanding experiences.

Meditation Theme for August:  I take time to quiet my thoughts and to acknowledge the Presence of God within me.  In this quietness, the deep inner needs of my soul are filled full, and my outer world is ordered by God's wise, loving activity.

Meditation Theme for September:  Our Father-Mother-God's Law of Good, of Order and Harmony, expresses freely through me toward all people and through all people toward me.

Meditation Theme for October:  Father-Mother-God, illumine me; make my way clear before me.  I will walk in it in peace and in confidence. 

Meditation Theme for November:  Father-Mother-God, the Spiritual Power of praise and thanksgiving for manifest good and for yet-to-be manifest good blesses me and all whom I contact.

Meditation Theme for December:  I now prepare myself to accept my own indwelling Christ, and It is born a living Presence within my consciousness.